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Tel: 082 345 3964
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Enabler is a unique recruitment system which specialises in providing career opportunities to differently-abled people.

“Legislation now compels employers to employ people with disabilities.”

Enabler's purpose is to facilitate communication between employers and available disabled employees. The system strives to provide an easy way to effectively match candidates to appropriate opportunities.

For disabled people to be productive and valuable assets to an employer, it is essential that the right person fills the right position. Enabler collects enough relevant data to be able to make that decision.


If you are a person with disability, you need to register with us.

We are continually sourcing new employers and career opportunities for differently-abled individuals. Now you can become part of a community driven to help you find a place in the workforce.

Register and be counted.

Once you have registered, you will be able to search for career opportunities that suit you, or be sourced by companies needing your unique skills.

You take full control of your future by being able to update your profile to always reflect your current skills and details.



Recruiting individuals from this unique group can be daunting.

You need to go through countless interviews and screenings to try and get someone who fits your specific need. Allow us to take the hard work out of the screening process.

We store all the details about each individuals abilities and disabilities, which allows you to make a more informed decision before even contacting the individual.

Once you have registered, you will also be able to place positions through the site, allowing individuals to contact you if they are interested.


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