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Tel: 082 345 3964
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“Enabler exists to empower disabled individuals”

The system was created to provide disabled individuals with a mechanism to enter the job market, as well as to aid employers in recruiting the appropriate individual.

It is not enough that legislation compels companies to employ disabled individuals. The legislation is only the first step. Enabler is the next step, a system which breathes life into the legislation.

We realise that many companies want to comply with the law, but do not have an effective means to do it. We also recognise that most disabled individuals have no way to try and find career opportunities. Enabler exists to solve both these issues.

We are a facilitator between these two groups, who otherwise have very few ways of finding each other.

We provide the disabled individual with a way to effectively market themselves in a growing but inaccessible market. We provide companies with the tools needed to advertise their career opportunities to a uniquely targeted market, and the tools needed to find the appropriate individual for their needs.

Our success lies in our unwavering focus on the disabled group of jobseekers. We are not trying to be everything to everyone; we cater exclusively to the disabled market.

Our founder, Leon du Toit, was an expert in the field of disabilities having been the principal of a prominent special school for many years. He has also served on the National Council for the Disabled and has presented numerous papers at international conferences.

“He founded Enabler because of his desire to empower disabled individuals”

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