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Let Enabler help you find the correct individuals to fill your special positions.


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Tel: 082 345 3964
Fax: 086 529 8714


Enabler has the following main objectives:
1. It wants to create a vehicle for employers to find individuals with disabilities in order to employ them.
2. It enables the employer to meet the demands of equity legislation.

Employers will get easy access to individuals with disabilities who are available for employment. Employers can find individuals with specific disabilities, shortlist and contact them directly.

Jobseekers get the opportunity to market themselves by registering their resumes. They can also update their resumes form time to time. Jobseekers will also get access to vacancy lists as published by employers.

Registration Steps

Follow these easy steps:
1. Complete the registration form.
2. Accept the legal stuff.
3. Pay the nominal fee.
You are now registered! (you will be notified via email of your login details)

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